My subconscious hates me

Swear. I have the most wicked dreams. Last week, I dreamt that I was in a fishing boat with my family and we had a black lab in the boat. I jumped in the water to swim, and my dad warned me to watch out for that thing floating in the water.

It was a dead golden retriever.

The next night I dreamt that my fiancé and I went to some function at a church. We were all sitting around talking and he started kissing a girl we went to high school with!!

Lassssstttt night, I dreamt that Fiancé left me for a girl we know who is pregnant and happily married.
What the hell?!

Oh, and a few nights ago, I dreamt that we were at a friends house and they had a fire in their ceiling fan. We had to evacuate the house…. But first save the hundreds of tiny sea turtles that were everywhere.

What the French toast is wrong with me?! The cheating dreams aren’t even warranted. At all. Why brain?! Why??


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