Wisdom With Age

You know how when you’re growing up, everyone has all this advice to give you, like “Don’t do drugs” and “Go to College”….well, I have some advice for you as well.

1.) Don’t buy cheap toilet paper. Splurge. Spend the extra couple of bucks. Seriously. Or don’t, and think of me while you curse yourself when the situation arises and you realize why I offered this advice.

2.) Moisturize. Everything. Your face, your hair, your armpits. Everything. You’ll be glad you did. (I’ll be blogging soon about natural moisturizers to try out)

There. That’s everything I know. Just kidding, but really, these are things NO ONE told me, I just figured out later in life. How wise I have become!!



what…the…hello operator…gimme number nine….

Okay, so in the midst of folding laundry I decided that I wasn’t enjoying it and I wanted to start a blog. It took me a friggin’ hour to figure out how to change the pic that is currently my eyes. I initially uploaded a pic of my bedroom. It was cute and all, but you could see a water bottle on the dresser on Nate’s side of the bed….which he uses for a spitter. Oh, Nate’s my fiance. We’re getting married next year. Oh, and a spitter is what he spits in while he has chew in his mouth. Barf.

Anyway, I’m Jamie. “Half wrinkled” isn’t referring to my face, but the basket of laundry sitting on my couch that I abandoned when I decided I needed to start a blog. I need to do something in this moment other than fold the laundry.

I’m 28/f/il. << lolol remember doing that back in the day when the net was new? Do people still do that? I haven’t looked for love in a chatroom since I was like 15. Oh Mylanta, that was 13 years ago. Gross.

I have an awesome little boy, Kaedin, who is 9. I woke up at 3 am feeling like shat and took a nyquil and then couldn’t drag my ass out of bed this morning to get him up for school. So, we were running late and I yelled at him in my raspy sick voice to hurry up. I kind of felt bad, but then I realized it wasn’t even phasing him. Why am I not scary?! Maybe because when Nate’s out of town, I make Kaedin sleep in my room because I’m scared. Damnit.

I’m a super nice girl, I am extremely weird, I am currently sick with some crazy head/chest/throat crap.

More later, I have to go to work.