Lonely Couch

Boo thang, a.k.a the fiancé, had to go out of town today for work. He will be gone a week.

A week. Ugh.

Plus side– the house won’t be as messy! I can watch my shows endlessly! I don’t have to stress about what to cook for dinner! (the kid is easy peasy)

But, I sure will miss our nightly foot rubs!!!

Okay so, the kid will be at his dad’s this weekend, the fiancé is out of town… What’s a gal to do?! I think this calls for some serious girl time. I need to wear sweats + messy hair and junk food and girly movies and lots of blabbing about everything. I miss high school sometimes, I did that EVERY weekend!

Who am I kidding, it’s 10:50pm and I’m pooped.

Night kittens ❤ muah