Frick and Frack

I looovvvvveeeee kitties. Nate and Kaedin both aren’t fans. BUT Nate finally agreed to let me have a cat!

Soooo….a woman on my FB was giving away two cats for free, and she didn’t want to separate them. Of course I took them both, duhhhh!! Hehe

Oh wait… Did I forget to mention that I’m allergic to cats?! Yeah, love ’em, yet my body hates them.

Anywho, we’ve had them for a few days and my eyes swell up, my skin is itchy and red, and my lungs hurt. But they’re freaking PRECIOUS!! Frack loves to nibble on your ears when you’re trying to sleep. And he burrows in my hair 💕. Frick is super calm and just goes with the flow. Love them.

I reallllllly want a pet monkey, but I have a feeling Nate will never agree to that. Dog is next on the list!!

Night! Time to let a cat make a nest in my hair!