So, today Aunt Flo is supposed to come! Well, my


cycle is 26 days, even though the last few months I’ve started on day 24. Hmmm.
Anywho, like I stated in my last entry, I had very light pink spotting when I used the restroom last week… So implantation bleeding has been on my mind…. Why do I get myself worked up?? It’s not the ideal time, but when you haven’t gotten preggers since child number 1, and that was 9 years ago…. You can’t help but be hopeful even if the situation isn’t right. I love being a momma!
I am so randy right now. Ugh. Fiancé (<<I literally say it with a French accent) is on the 'puter doing work and I'm sitting here on the couch waiting until the laptop is off his lap. The, I'm going to pounce! Hehe